We have a selection of bows by different brands and models to suit all levels and budgets, and also antique restored bows and author bows.


During your visit the luthier will give you the necessary advice for the proper maintenance and conservation of the bow. We offer maintenance, repair and restoration service.


Petr Aurednik collaborate with us, he is one of the most respected bowmakers in Europe with clients all around the world. Since 2011 he regularly visits the Musitekton workshop for rehairing, repair and restoration of violin, viola, cello and double bass bows. In our shop you can find his bows.

Next visit: December 15th and 16th, 2017

If you wish to receive information about next visits of Petr Aurednik, please give us your Email.


Kreutzer / Corina / Rapsody / Marcus Baum / O.J. Klier / Marco Raposo / Coda Bow / Glasser / Karel Sedlák / Atelier Saldo


Round or octogonal sticks of Brasil or Pernambucco wood of different qualities. Also carbon fiber bows. Price on request


Petr Aurednik


News and antique restored bows. Price on request

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